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Patient Testimonials and Reviews at Orange Urgent Care, NY

We are so lucky to have such wonderful patients here at Orange Urgent Care! We love servicing our community and receiving such positive feedback. See what some of our patients are saying!


very patient, compassionate, and understanding!

I think orange urgent care is very patient, compassionate, and understanding especially with patients that have special needs. I never felt as safe, and understood by doctors and medical teams of people like I do at orange urgent care. I also feel like they are a bunch of friendly people and good at what they do. I also think it is good that you don’t wait long and you are in and out pretty quickly. I will only go to orange urgent care for immediate care and I would go there before going to the ER in orange county.
– Becky T.


doctors/nurses are always compassionate!

My wife and I really like and trust this place for our kid’s urgent care needs. We never wait longer than 15 minutes, the staff is very friendly, and the doctors/nurses are always compassionate and friendly.They give you the time and attention you need.
– Nick L.


Never have to wait long!

I love this place they’re always so thorough and nice and very efficient. Never have to wait long. I suffer from frequent UTIs and are very painful they get me in and out the door so I can treat myself would highly recommend.
– Pam P.


They stayed open for us!

My 4 year old fell while running and hurt his arm on the Saturday or Labor Day weekend. We got to Orange Urgent Care just before closing time. They stayed open for us and every single person working there was absolutely wonderful. They did x-rays and were able to tell us right away that it was was broken. My son got a splint and sling and lots of stickers, and we were able to continue enjoying our camping trip, with instructions to go to an orthopedist Tuesday for a hard cast. We’re so grateful and so glad we chose to go to Orange Urgent Care instead of an ER.
– Maegan D.


staff and NP were very nice!

Good care, quick, and the staff and NP were very nice. Good place to have when you can’t get to the doctor.
– Valerie M.


No wait and very quick!

No wait and very quick. Staff are always very nice.
– Jess L.

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