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IV Hydration Therapy Located in Middletown, NY at Orange Urgent Care

Orange Urgent Care offers intravenous rehydration therapy for mild to moderate dehydration from various types of ailments and conditions. Fluids containing vitamins, electrolytes and minerals are introduced into the bloodstream to improve and restore vitality in the patient. Know the symptoms of dehydration such as dry mouth, fatigue, confusion, dizziness and headaches. These are important to notice, especially in young children who have come down with an illness. If you find yourself or a family member in need of rehydration therapy, please visit Orange Urgent Care located in Middletown, NY for prompt treatment.

IV Hydration Treatments for:
Food Poisoning
Flu and Viruses
Extreme Athletics
Overexertion in the Heat
Excessive Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
And Many More

Please note that if you are experiencing severe dehydration, do not wait. Visit your local Emergency Department right away.

Why Orange Urgent Care?

No wait guarantee!
Extended hours!
Treat ages 4mos and older!
No appointments needed!
Compassionate medical care!
Low-cost alternative to ER!
Over 10 years of care to our community!

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